3 Fun Art Lessons to Show Gratitude

3 Fun Art Lessons to Show Gratitude

Over the years, I’ve done a handful of gratitude style projects that my students have not only enjoyed but really sparked joy around the school. I’m breaking these down from most involved to easiest incase you are uncertain which you’d like to do.

Let’s start with my favorite: Gallery of Gratitude Modeling Clay Portraits!

For all the lesson details, you can visit my first blog post where I created a video I shared with my students. This introduced a modeling clay artist as well as walked them through the steps. 

I did this lesson with my fourth grade students. They could choose who to create a portrait of…but, as you can imagine, that got a little tricky. Several students volunteered to create a portrait of a teacher or staff member whom they didn’t know well. We talked about how everyone in the school is important, their role in the school and how they make our school better. After the first two 30 minute art classes, we got about this far. 

You can see their completed portraits here, framed in a sparkly Hobby Lobby plate! Students also had to type up why they appreciated the staff member. This was printed on framed paper and hung with the clay piece. Many teachers still have these portraits in their classroom!

This Gallery of Gratitude was created by all of my students, kindergarten through fourth grade. My older students created the portraits while my kindergarten and first graders added the High Fives and the hearts. 

Here was the set up for my students to create their framed portraits. Teachers names were laid out as well as sparkly paper for the frame. 

Like the other project, students had to express their gratitude toward the chosen staff member. 

If you need a shorter lesson or one that is more student-focused, try this Tiny Gallery of Gratitude on for size! You can download it for free right here!

There is even a simplified version for younger students, also free, right here. Have fun!
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