Artistic Curiosity Starts with Yourself — Caryl Fine Art

Artistic Curiosity Starts with Yourself — Caryl Fine Art

Curiosity Can Pay Off

Being curious about yourself and your work can pay off in many ways. It can be part of your creative process, in fact. Take a look at your artwork and ask yourself why you made those artistic choices. In fact, pretend that you’re being interviewed by an art writer! Why did you choose that color palette? Why did you choose this medium and subject matter? Why did you choose that particular mark? What are you trying to express with this work?

So many of us work intuitively, but in fact we do make artistic choices. The better that you can articulate that, the better relationship you’ll have with your art practice and the better you’ll be able to articulate these choices to collectors, curators, and others.

Self Inquiry Can Lead to Discoveries

This method of exploration through curiosity can lead to important realizations about yourself and your work. For example, it could be that you use a lot of pink and other “feminine” colors and subjects. Maybe you used to think, “Oh, well I have always loved pink.” But by drilling deeper, you may find that you have strong feelings and beliefs about the power of the feminine or what it means to express femininity. You may have beliefs about the meaning or power of pink that you’d never consciously considered.

Art is so good for the psyche and the soul—and a big part of why this is so is that art helps us forge a better relationship with ourselves. Art also serves as a way to share ourselves with the world so we can be understood and make a connection with others. Curiosity about ourselves and our work is the key that unlocks this!

Looking for some guidance as you strive to get more curious about your art? Consider my one-on-one art coaching. I love helping artists get in touch with the true intention behind their artwork!

To your curiousity!


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