Cassie Stephens: The Dot School-Wide Collaborative

Cassie Stephens: The Dot School-Wide Collaborative

Hello, friends! I’m excited to share that the school-wide collaborative my first through fourth grade students created at THE BEGINNING of the school year (yikes!) is finally installed. Like, finally.

Y’all, while I do love having all students creating a collab at the start of the school year, why do I do it to myself? It’s so much work on my end! All the attaching to bulletin board paper and hanging…it’s so much! AND I always procrastinate! And yet I do it year after year. Such a glutton for punishment, I guess.

Here’s a look inside the process of hanging this beast with some of my tips:

When hanging something this heavy, it takes everything in your tool belt (as well as a helpful music teacherin’ friend). Check out my tip on binder clips and long tabs of paper. It helps!

I’ve not done an official post on how we created these dot paintings but I’ll tell you: it was super easy! In fact, it’s one of my fave kindergarten lessons which you can find the details on here. 

All students began with a dot in the middle of their paper. The paper was prefolded so that each dot was exactly in the middle. Meaning I quarter folded the paper, once in half one way and then in half the other. Dot was placed at the intersection of those two folded lines. 

Like the kidnergarten lesson, each student was then instructed to paint concentric circles around their dot using any colors of tempera paint they liked!

Once dry, the paintings were cut along those folded lines. They were then rearranged and glued to a black piece of construction paper. This part was tricky so students helped one another. 

Early finishers painted the wording of the sign!

And then the beast was hung…where it shall stay for a LONG, LONG time. Or the end of the school year where I’ll have the students cut it apart to take home their circles (maybe. Or I may leave it up until next year!). 

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