Experimentation | Noam Rosenberg | Episode 634


Noam Rosenberg | Episode 634

Noam Rosenberg is a clay & ceramics Israeli artist. Noam earned his BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem with honors. Nowam owns the NORO brand – common art Inspired by nature, urban environment, & architecture. Noam’s love for gardening and the flora world influences his work and his experience as a visual designer enriched his art work with attraction to aesthetics, beauty, and patterns. In his Instagram account Noam demonstrate the processes of creating his works

Experimentation | Noam Rosenberg | Episode 634


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How long have you been on Instagram?

Three years. In June it will be three years, I just looked today. When I started the plan was to have a portfolio. I didn’t want to do another site for my work. When I meet someone on the street and I want to show him some of my art, I thought to myself, Maybe I will do an Instagram page and then I have a place that I can get to it any place that I be. And then I uploaded photos of the things I did and it’s like you said, It was another one  and another one and another one of the followers. It stayed around 300-400 most of them friends. The change was when I started to upload movies-videos of the process. I think that is what the followers are most interested in knowing. They wanted value for their time. They want to learn something. They want to be curious. They want to see the cycle and the end result. At first I didn’t know about hashtags and I didn’t know the rules. Now I have a different perspective. When you put a photo of a great plate or something great most of the time it will get less likes than a thing you put in the middle of the process. Even if it only a photo.

So it was the videos that made a big impact on people following you, correct?

Yes, the video changed the profile because then some bigger pages like yours or others that are sharing other people’s art and they post, of course, with a credit. From this I have many followers that saw me for the first time. So it is really important that you put things that are interesting. The content is what is important. When I choose the cover photo of the video most of the time I will not choose the last frame of the product. I will take something from the middle. So they can see that it is not just the final product, it is a process.

So you are going for the middle so you are in the center of the story.

Yes. Sometimes I upload one photo for the video and then hours or minutes later I think, This video can do better than this. I delete it and then I put it again and choose other photos for the cover page. And so now it is doing much better.

If you decide a piece is not getting enough interactions or impressions what is the low end of deciding this is not going to do it?

It is not a number for all. I have my taste for what I am expecting for this video. If I think this technique I was feeling this result is very good and how I get to it is very unique so I know this can be better. So if I see that the viewer did not really see it maybe this time I didn’t use the right photos for the cover photo. Or maybe I need to do it faster. Maybe in the first second I need to show the result like a teaser. To show only for one second how it needs to look in the end. Then to let them see one minute because they know in the end it is suppose to look like this.

How has being involved with Instagram changed your life? How has it made an impact on you personally?

For start I am now working also in doing classes of Instagram. To teach people how to organically without paying for the post to get more engagement.

There are ways to grow your Instagram without having to pay someone, right?

Yes, it is much harder. But it can be a long time but if you have a good content you can of course take time, you can.

So you are now teaching a course. Is this a class where I could go online and get involved in this course?

No, it is one on one. I meet with people, My mother tongue is Hebrew and not English so it is also in Hebrew because I need to do it the best way. By teaching something I feel I need to do it in my own language. It is not online it is only in Tel Aviv in Israel. Something that I love when I started to do this page on Instagram is that I get to people that I never would have an opportunity to speak with. I have lots of people from Iran that follow me and sending me messages. A lot of people from Istanbul and from Beunos Aries and from many places in the world, it’s fascinating to speak with them and to write to them. I can’t speak with all of them or write to all of them but thank you to each one of them.

How else has it impacted your life?

It took my free time. I found myself at 2 o’clock in the morning in my bed still answering people and uploading the new post. But I think I like it. I keep doing it.


Oh, the Place You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss



Instagram: @noamrosenberg.art

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