Finding Your Voice | Kamila Jaremko | Episode 673

Finding Your Voice | Kamila Jaremko | Episode 673

Kamila Jaremko | Episode 673

Finding Your Voice | Kamila Jaremko | Episode 673

Kamila Jaremko says that art has always been a part of her. Kamila spent many years in theatres as a makeup artist, at the same time she created countless body painting projects. Now Kamila’s attention is focused on ceramics and studying production design in Los Angeles. Kamila is passionate about setting goals for herself and she strives to achieve them. Ceramics was meant to be a relaxing hobby for Kamila to break away from reality. In time, her love for ceramics persuaded her to pursue it professionally. Kamila is a member at Echo Art Studio, and her goal is to open a studio herself.


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Do you ever detach yourself from the visual stimulus of ceramics to be able to kind of get your own voice?

I always express myself in my own way. When I am looking at someone’s art it can inspire me but usually I really know what I want to do. It’s not always perfect because I am trying to be too much perfect in the art and that’s the wrong attitude. It’s not a good way to achieve a very healthy style of art. But I am trying to work on it. I think I express myself in some way.

Your work looks like your work. That’s what I like about it. 

Yes, it looks like me. Exactly like me. My view and my perspective, if you see my paintings they are so colorful, you know? I love having fun with colors, with some shapes, with geometric style, geometric techniques…my art I create, it’s me. It’s my personality.

Do you allow yourself to take risks with your art? In other words, you don’t just have your tricks or your skills you’ve learned, but you are willing to risk to go to the next level? Do you ever take risks with your art?

Yeah, I do. I do all the time. I like to challenge myself every time I do something. Like playing with the casseroles to make something different. I am really good at creating the second piece that looks exactly the same. But also the next day, or the day after I am just like trying to create something else, something different. Even if I see something on Instagram or YouTube, it inspires me.  I am not copying it but I am trying to add something from myself. This person did this piece of art but I think I will do this in a different way. In a creative way.

Do you create your work for yourself or for your audience?

They are not potters for sure. If I can say abstracts or modern art, mostly painters. Or people who actually do some sculptures not only in clay. My dishes are very functional. I can’t say I am just playing with some abstract forms or something like that. I don’t. Like I said before, it’s just me I usually don’t know what to do but I just do, you know? (laughter)

Are you the type of person that pushes through when it gets difficult? When the work isn’t quite coming out the way you want it to?

No, if it happens like that I just stop doing it and try another day. I tried something but it is hard for me today, it’s like my mind is full of something and I actually don’t know why. So I stop doing art and try it another day. I push myself that hard. Because I could just be sad or mad after it and I don’t like this feeling so let’s try another time, you know?

Do you like to work in a series or are you the type of person that likes to make one piece at a time and then move on to the next piece?

The second option. I do one piece and that’s it. If it’s a small bowl or cup I can do maximum of six pieces that are the same shape and design. And then I just leave it behind me and I am trying to do something different.

Do you feel that it is important to take a break from creativity and just let your mind wander and do nothing?

I think, yeah, it is very important. It’s also hard for me to do right now, this kind of thing, because I set up my studio up in my apartment, so it’s hard to escape. (laughter) I have to watch it all day and everyday, you  know? That’s why I love traveling. I am just asking my husband, let’s go somewhere for the weekend or for a few days. That’s how we can escape from the town also.


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