Giveaway- Drawing Games! – Art is Basic

Giveaway- Drawing Games! – Art is Basic

Just in time for the holidays, I have a fun giveaway for 2 lucky readers. Two winners will each receive a copy of BOTH of the games pictured above. (USA only please) I learned about 2 new drawing games from Drawing Deck, LLC. They may look familiar to you because they also made the game Createures.

Giveaway- Drawing Games! – Art is Basic
The first game is called FrankenMonster5, a family drawing game. The box says 3-6 players and it involves points and art critiquing, but I found that I would be more likely to use this as a set of drawing prompts for kids. This may be fun to do at home with the art critic role, but I could imagine kids at school getting upset with other kids giving points to their artwork. Here is how I would use these instead: There are enough cards (150) that you could pass out 5 cards to each kid and have them create a monster incorporating those parts. You could even have them pick out 3 of the 5 cards they would like to use for their monster if they find 5 to be overwhelming. Then you could share the pictures and all laugh over how silly they look.

My two kids at home made these monster drawings from the cards from the game! Aren’t they fun?!

The second game is called Sketch a Moley and it comes with 66 art prompt cards (shown above). How to play the game is you pull out a card and the prompt that is facing you is the one you use. Draw a picture on your paper using that prompt. Then pass the paper to the person on the left. Draw another card and add the next prompt to that drawing. Keep going until you have drawn on everyone’s paper. Another way you can play is solo, by simply pulling 3 cards and drawing the prompts on them closest to you, but combine them in an interesting or unusual way.

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Here’s how to enter to win the giveaway. There are two ways to have an entry. First, comment here on this blog with a favorite idea for an artsy holiday gift for someone. For an additional entry, hop on over to my Instagram account and leave a comment on the giveaway post there. I will pick one winner from Instagram and one winner from my blog post (USA only, due to shipping costs). I will randomly select the winners Dec. 18 after noon CST.

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