Intro to Watercolor with Jeannie Dickson

Intro to Watercolor with Jeannie Dickson

In this 4-part video tutorial series, artist Jeannie Dickson will guide you through an in-depth introduction to watercolors. She’ll cover supplies needed, watercolor techniques, color theory and swatching, then tie everything together as she shows you how to create a stunning floral wreath.


► Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor paper, 9×12”
MaimeriBlu Silver Metal Half Pan Set, 12 colors
MaimeriBlu Watercolor Tubes
► Princeton Velvetouch Brushes
► Princeton Select Artiste Brushes

Check out the full series below:

Intro to Watercolor Part 1 | 6 Essential Supplies
In the first video of the series, Jeannie Dickson talks through all the supplies needed to get started: paper types and surfaces, brush sizes and styles, both watercolor half pans and tubes, and all the accessories that will make your painting process a breeze!

Intro to Watercolor Part 2 | Techniques
In the second video of the series, Jeannie guides you through basic watercolor techniques that will improve your painting skills and help you build your artist toolkit as you progress in your watercolor journey. These techniques are essential foundational watercolor skills and range from wet on wet, wet on dry, gradients, and scumbling.

Intro to Watercolor Part 3 | Color Theory
Jeannie explains the importance of color theory and why swatching your watercolors before starting any project is important. Grab your watercolors and follow along to create your own color swatching sheets!


Intro to Watercolor Part 4 | Floral Wreath
In the final video, Jeannie takes all of the techniques learned in the previous three videos and applies them to create a stunning botanical wreath.

We hope you enjoyed this short, in-depth introduction to painting with watercolor. Now it’s your turn to take what you’ve learned and continue creating your very own pieces!

See more from Jeannie on Instagram: @jeanniedicksondesigns

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