MAKING A MARK: Dear Facebook

Yesterday I wrote about about the RSW Open Call for Entries – and then posted it to Facebook. Later I took a look at it to see if there had been any comments – but the post had received very few visitors and I couldn’t work out why.

Today I worked out why! This is the message below the post on my Making A Mark Facebook Page.

Boost this post to reach up to 493 more people daily if you spend £14.

The absurd plea for me to spend cash with Facebook

Facebook has decided it wants to generate advertising income from this post before it gives me any traffic for it!

Important Messages for Facebook

I have a few messages for Facebook

  1. I have no connection whatsoever – financial or otherwise – with the Royal Watercolour Society or the Bankside Gallery.
  2. When I first joined Facebook you had Pages which were recognised as Information Pages. 
  • Now you treat everything as if it’s EITHER Personal OR a Business – when actually there are a lot which are neither – they’re providing information!
  • Neither my Making A Mark blog nor my Making A Mark Facebook Page are a business. 
  • I’m NOT selling anything with my blog and I’m not selling anything with my blog post. I get absolutely no income whatsoever from highlighting Call for Entries from many and diverse sources. (The same applies to all other Calls for Entries). 
  • As I’m NOT generating an income, I’m very definitely NOT going to be spending any money on adverts!
  • I will NEVER EVER spend any money on the Facebook platform in order to generate advertising revenue – especially when
    • it is currently experiencing financial difficulties and behaving in a rather desperate way in trying to bump up advertising income
    • I consider my content is being held to ransom by Facebook algorithms!

    This is quite apart from the fact I’ve read many reports from artists over the years that paying for adverts on facebook has no positive impact on their business.

    Yesterday’s post on my Facebook Page

    Facebook would also do well to remember that 

    • their overblown overstaffed platform and the current Twitter hiatus is going to result in the generation of new and more effective slimline social media platforms – which cater better for users.
    • treating your users badly now does not create a warm fuzzy feeling about Facebook going forward……

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