Tola Navarro | Forming Shadows Through Spray on Paper


About Tola Navarro

Tola Navarro (b.1984) lives in Caracas, Venezuela. He is a sculptor’s grandson and a Chilean poet’s son. Tola holds a degree in Architecture with a minor in Art History from the Universidad del Desarrollo. 

His CV sees collaborations with the famous architect Cazú Zegers and the real estate project Varanda 7, together with the renowned architect Emilio Arancibia. In 2016 and 2018, he participated in contemporary art research residencies in Lima and Sao Paulo, respectively. 

Tola Navarro | Forming Shadows Through Spray on Paper

Tola’s exhibitions already include ones at Galería Arte Espacio, ArtStgo, and Faxxi. In 2019 he was invited to a residency in Contemporary Art in Sao Paulo, and in 2020, after his father passed away, he decided to build a permanent workshop in Batuco, Chile.

We recently had a fascinating interview with Tola, through which he deepened his art and creative practice. 

Hello Tola, nice to have you here. Let’s start from the basics. What’s your name, and where have you grown up?

Hello, my full name is Tola Navarro. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I now live in Santiago, Chile.

How did you understand you would have become an artist?

I have indeed been a painter all my life. Since I can remember, I have wanted to paint and create new work. Although I have wanted to become an artist since school, it was only around 2015 that I decided to become a full-time one.

Please briefly describe your technique and tell us what drives you to make art.

My art mainly consists of spray paint on paper. It is a technique that I define as ‘origami inspired’ as it combines paper foldings with geometric and abstract work. The desire to create beautiful new work drives me to create never seen works that inspire people.

Tola Navarro artist Tola Navarro artist Tola Navarro Tola Navarro

What is the main feature that has changed in your works or practice throughout the years?

Practice, experimentation, and a lot of work make me grow. I wake up early every day and go to my workshop to work on new pieces.

Which artist primarily inspires your work? And is there something else, outside visual arts, that keeps you motivated?

I love what Felipe Pantone is doing. CNC machining and the incredible potential of 3d printing.

Finally, how would you like people to engage with your work?

I want them to genuinely look at what it is, spray on paper. 

My work doesn’t reflect anything outside of its inner potential, it is what it is.

Each piece is an experience of pure visual pleasure and exploration. It embraces you with itself in its spaces of color, light, and shadows.

Tola Navarro artist Tola Navarro artist Tola Navarro artist Tola Navarro artist

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Tola Navarro Tola Navarro Tola Navarro


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