Diane C.Frost and Aurélie Fréoua : A natural collaboration

Diane C.Frost and Aurélie Fréoua : A natural collaboration

Aurélie Fréoua (left) and Diane C.Frost (right)

Diane C.Frost and Aurélie Fréoua are two London based artists working in different medium and styles.

Diane C.Frost is a printmaker working with ink and paper to express herself, being also a linguist and writer. Aurélie Fréoua dives in color in abstract expressionists artworks.

They are currently artists in residence at the WWT London Wetland Centre, a haven of tranquility for both wildlife and people, and have been working on “Fragments of Nature”, a site-specific exhibition, drawing inspiration from the landscape in order to explore, through the medium of art, the connection between nature and our well-being. Their aim is to illustrate through art ‘fragments’ how we are part of nature and why we need nature to feel complete and connected.

Their collaboration has been an intense 6 months of research, skills swapping and joint risk-taking as they have “borrowed” a little from each other practice in order to present a body of work that is both fresh and experimental, whilst retaining their individual hallmark.

Aurelie’s abstracted landscapes, bursting with colours, and Diane‘s experimental cyanotypes, immersed in the waterscape, are an invitation to explore the secret beauty of nature.

Their work is now on view in an exhibition staged in several locations in the beautiful Wetland Centre galleries, overlooking the natural reserve and responding to the nature outside.

“The inspiration for this series comes from nature of course, but above all from the physical and psychological effect that nature has on us. While the first two are an evocation or observation of nature, the last two are an illustration of very physical and concrete sensations, as indicated by the titles: “The cold wind in my hair” and “The crackling of frost underfoot ”. The purpose of my work is to highlight our connection to nature and the effect this connection has on our mental and physical well-being.” says Diane.

“Through my work, I try to question and study the notion of invisible. My intention is to catch the instant, extract the poetry and transcribe the indefinable and implicit emotions by giving them a visual dimension, a shape, a colour, a movement, a direction and by playing with contrasts and light. Our precious emotions become visible, almost palpable and their intensity can stay alive” says Aurelie

WWT London, Queen Elizabeth Walk, Barnes, London, SW13 9WT
“Fragments of Nature” – 1st of June till 31st of August 2021. 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, every day. Free entry to the show. Private View on Thursday 24th of June from 3pm to 7pm.

Contacts : Diane C.Frost and Aurélie Fréoua

www.dianecfrost.art and www.aureliefreoua.com

Instagram instagram.com/dianecfrost.art


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